Monthly Archives: May 2011

Pied Shield Bug Nymph

Sehirus bicolor. This distinctive little 7mm long shield bug feeds on White dead nettle. The female lays her eggs in the ground and tends to them and the hatched nymphs until they are feeding for themselves. This caring behaviour is not all that common among insects.

Shieldbugs are named after their heraldic shield-like shape and belong to the order Hemiptera. They frequent most types of vegetation and whilst some species are carnivorous, most feed on foliage and berries etc. Shieldbugs go through several stages of growth called nymphs, which are as frequently found as the adults.

Chuffed to bits to find this in the garden 🙂


Not a great deal to say on this one… A spider on its web.

Planet Otham Church

Twenty six fisheye images stuck together for this one… Otham Church, just up the road from me. The tower of Otham church is in an unusual position – in the south-east corner of the nave. In fact the church is altogether an unusual shape with a nave and chancel of equal length, both cells having a north chapel. Pretty little church.

On the Landing (High ISO)


Domino on the landing. Post snooze. For the photo geeks this was shot at iso5000. That makes me happy.


Some sort of Passion Flower. Probably.

Four of Seb

Cat & Seb came for a visit to meet Domino… and as most visitors get their photo taken, it was inevitable some snapshots of the Sebmeister would occur.


After another heavy ‘Da Bird’ session, Domino was left panting. Like a dog. Mad little bugger.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Having fun with the macro lens today. Discovered the ironing board, an SB-800 and the curtains make for some good product shots. Captain Jack Sparrow. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Arrrrr.

Dexter Bobblehead

Oh. My. God. Bobblehead Dexter Morgan. Belated birthday presents rock!

Yawning Lemur

A pair of Lemurs at Wingham Wildlife Park.