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Leucanthemum vulgare

Leucanthemum vulgare, the oxeye daisy, (syn. Chrysanthemum leucanthemum), is a widespread flowering plant native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia. It is one of a number of Asteraceae family plants to be called a ‘daisy,’ and has the vernacular names common daisy, dog daisy, margarite, moon daisy, and ox-eye daisy.


Not sure of the species – probably a moth caterpillar, but there are hundreds… any help appreciated.

Mac OS X Lion

Who doesn’t love Lions? Exactly. Gorgeous cat beasts. Seems fitting as this is my first post running Mac OS X Lion.

Ladybird on Lavender

A Seven Spot Ladybird on Lavender. Pretty.

Four Legs Good

Four legs good, two legs bad. So true. I don’t like people most of the time. Everyone should read Animal Farm.


Gloomy, rain filled old day here, but I don’t have any rainy photos. So here here is a smashed window one.

After the Rain

After being cooped up for most of the day I had to get into the garden once the rain stopped. Domino had a similar idea. Apparently, according to a website I just read…

Shooting your pet from above will rarely capture them at their best angle. Much like you need to with children, get down to their level (or bring them up to yours if you can!) for greater eye contact, more natural expressions and to avoid the bird’s eye view which will overwhelm smaller animals.

I like to put these things to the test, and I reckon they came out OK. By the way, he had spied a pigeon.

Nothing beats that wind on the face feeling…

Hoverfly on Dahlia

Episyrphus balteatus, sometimes called the marmalade hoverfly on Dahlia ‘Mystic Illusion’.


The boy. Going mental at Da Bird.


Have been in the garden a lot recently and felt I ought to play around with the 50mm. Shallow dof lushness to start the day.