Monthly Archives: August 2011

Lemon Sponge Engineering

Sponges should always be checked for damage prior to eating.

Nanny McWii

My Nan turned 85 recently and the celebrations have pretty much lasted two weeks. On Sunday she came up with my Mum and Dad to have a session on the Wii. After getting her eye in in the first round she stepped it up a notch and scored four strikes in a row. This resulted in good photos.

Frustration soon turned into copying my slightly over the top style…

Which finally paid dividends with four consecutive strikes…

A new record is always good… more amusing than the fact I only beat her by twenty three points is the total drubbing dished out to her daughter… fifty seven points. Mum needs some practice.

Rough Tongue

Cute tongue – rough as sandpaper and very ticklish on my leg.


Dad. Sometime in the 70s, rocking the beard look. Am having fun scanning old slides 🙂


Post Ceremony

It has been far too long since I posted a photograph where the subject matter is a (real) human being. This lady is über talented in all things to do with makeup application. I know this as I saw her work at the very wedding this was shot at. Semi-candid shots are easy when you have a willing participant… especially one that is used to being photographed constantly by a certain Leica freak I know 😉

The Thin Blue Line

Protecting the garden (badly) from slugs.

Cat versus Frog

Fortunately the boy prefers to play with (and not hurt) little frogs, though it is a disturbing scene. The frog seemed quite unharmed after the experience and hopped off into the undergrowth. Photos taken by the MIssus.

Raisin Spillage

When raisins spill the clean up crew gets sent in to sort it all out. When they are on a break, the police stand guard.


Water droplets on an Oxeye Daisy.

Wookiee Patrol

On their home planet of Kashyyk, Wookiees, such as Chewbacca, patrol the forests on the shells of giant snails. Possibly.