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In The Garden – Female Common Darter

I was overjoyed to see this little beauty in the back garden. Fortunately she evaded the claws of my cat and settled on the Buddleia for a rest and photo shoot. I love Dragonflies.

Had time to run inside, find the camera and shoot. All handheld. Tripods are for wimps.

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Food should be clearly labelled as Vegan. Potatoes, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, sweetcorn, green beans, runner beans, soya mince, carrots, onion, celery, vegetable stock, vegan Worcester Sauce. Lush.

Hoverfly Love

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. My favourite bug(s) getting it on. Makes the heart sing.

Cat House

What do you get the cat that has everything? A cat house, just in case he wants to go outside in the rain. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he will actually use it…

I added the copper tape to keep the slugs out…

And the rubber matting for comfort.

I tried a few locations, but no joy. I did get him to go in and retrieve some treats though…

Time will tell if he actually uses it, but it looks cool in the garden anyway.

He tends to prefer the lawn…

Or under the ramp…

Or the herb tray…


This is Gugois. Not his real name of course but the moniker he shall always be known by. Back in the crazy days of the late 1990s we would play a lot of Championship Manager and this was the name he went by in that game. We haven’t seen each other for a good five or six years, so it was doubly pleasing to hear that he still wastes many an hour on taking lowly teams to footballing greatness. The name has changed from Championship Manager to Football Manager, but the vibe is the same.

FRIEND Animal Rescue – Matthew

The fourth batch of photos taken at the FRIEND Animal Rescue Sanctuary in East Peckham. These are all about the gorgeous one they call Matthew! He likes eating.

Please check out their website @ and make a donation if you can.

Sleeping – Just Do It!

Domino has no qualms about sleeping next to (allegedly) stolen goods. I am unable to confirm how this cone appeared next to his bed, but I concede it does looks similar to the cones used at the NikeRunningChallenge 5k in Ashford. This is probably a coincidence.

Nike Running Challenge 5k at Ashford

Took part in my first organised running event tonight – a 5k run at the Designer Outlet Centre at Ashford. The 5k started at the Nike Factory store (who organised the event) and was comprised of six laps of the complex. The most I have managed whilst shopping is two.

Posted an official time of 27:42… 8:54 mins/mile @ 6.73 miles/hour. Am pleased with that time and great experience to run with other people around me.

Clearly I couldn’t take my own photos, so Dad was on hand to record it.

The new chiseled me…

Hardcore Vegan…

One lap to go…

All done!

Basking in our glory!

All in all a really good experience and I definitely have a taste for it now. Time to purchase a scrapbook to save all my medals in!

FRIEND Animal Rescue – Leroy

The third batch of photos taken at the FRIEND Animal Rescue Sanctuary in East Peckham. These are all about Leroy!

What do you mean, I have dinner all over my face?

Sleepy…. with raspberry juice on his head.

Very sleepy.


Leroy LOVES having his neck scratched! That’s a definite bliss-face.

Please check out their website @ and make a donation if you can.