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Very sad to hear of the news of the passing of Storm. I only met him once but he was a cheeky, funny and friendly little fella. Storm spent the last two years of his life living with lots of animal friends at the FRIEND Animal Sanctuary in Kent. Rest In Peace x


Taken when I thought I liked zoos. The further I venture into the Vegan world, the more I become disillusioned with zoos. Yea, it’s preserving the species, but for what end? Will they ever return to the wild? If not, what’s the point in keeping these beautiful animals in an enclosure that just isn’t big enough?

Big Fun Run Maidstone 5k

When I saw there was a 5k Big Fun Run in Mote Park, I couldn’t resist. Following broadly the same course as the 10k I did a few weeks back (with the last 1.5kms going around the other side of the lake) I knew what to expect at least… and it was only one lap – easy! The weather looked ominous all morning, with rain and gloom expected to be the pattern for the day, so I wasn’t expecting a very good turnout. How wrong I was! There must have been well over a hundred runners. Photos taken by the Missus. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new skull cap running hat. Yes, it’s bright… but it kept the cold out.

Excuse the finger, I was so cold and miserable before the start. Carter USM hoodie did a fairly good job though – I love being able to get in this now as I bought it three years ago and I couldn’t get it over my chest then.

My shoe fetish is well documented and it appears it extends to trainers – one of the ladies was sporting this attractive pair of Nikes…

…which rather put mine to shame, especially with the hole over the left big toe. I went for the trusty Nike Air Pegasus 28+ Trail shoes for this run. I wasn’t happy with the Nike Air Alvord 9s I wore for the 10k. Not as comfy at all.

As is customary at these events there was a very good warm-up session.

Today I decided to participate as it was so cold, though I didn’t actually follow the moves as you can see here – totally doing my own thing. I say my own thing, I was sorta copying the guy next to me who I had concluded was a runner. As it happens I beat him by four minutes so it shows I know nothing about runners and I ought not to judge a book by its cover.

Finally it was time to remove the hoodie and reveal my shirt choice – the trusty Nike DryFit Unfair.

Some cute doggies.

And then we were off. Pretty easy to spot me in that hat.

The medals and goodie bags.

More cute dog action.

First place – a good time, just under twenty minutes.

I came in at 28:15 and I am pleased with that on a wet, slippery course. I really need to find a flat 5k and try to improve my PB a bit. Though, that said, I probably need to remember I have only really been running (rather than walking) for about four months. Fortunately the gloom started to brighten by the 3kms mark, so I finished the run in glorious sunshine.

Another medal for the collection! That’s three so far. I don’t have any other organised runs planned until late December and the infamous Boxing Day Run in Saltwood, but I will keep my eyes open if there are any more close by.


One of my favourite Vegans…