Bee Fly – Bombylius major

The best things happen when hanging out the washing… I saw (and photographed) my first Bee Fly. Bless that little furry beast.

The Natural History Museum has this to say:

The large bee-fly is a bee mimic – it resembles a small bumblebee.
The adult flies are striking and have a hairy body with long hairy legs and a characteristically long, slender tongue which they use for nectar retrieval whilst hovering beside a flower head. Bombylius major larvae parasitise beetle larvae as well as the brood of solitary wasps and bees – another reason for its name. The female has been seen to flick her eggs mid-air into the ground bees’ and wasps’ nests.

Gorgeous little creature enjoyed a nice little rest on the fence and gave me enough time to run in and grab my camera – most considerate!

Bee Fly Bee Fly

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