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Bee Save!

I found this poor little furry lump of gorgeousness looking very unhappy and hardly moving on the ground, so I gently slid a thin sliver of bark under those crazy legs and they managed to hang on.

Bee Save!

I slowly lifted the Bee up onto our Buddleia and they just managed to crawl off. After a rest they started to have a drink…

Bee Save!

That seemed to revive the little beast and and they became more active, crawling all over and drinking/eating more and more.

Bee Save!

Twenty minutes later, off they flew!

Flares Are Cool

Flares Are Cool

Fish-eye. Sun flare. Domino. Perfection.

Too Hot To Handle

It’s a scorcher! Too hot for the boy – he’s moved very little today. I can’t blame him.

Too Hot To Handle Too Hot To Handle

Small Skipper

I always enjoy a trip to Tyland Barn and usually come away with at least a couple of shots I like. This time was a short visit, but pleasant nonetheless. I was fortunate enough to have a very willing Small Skipper (Thymelicus sylvestris) land close to me and flit about for a few seconds.

This butterfly is often found basking on vegetation, or making short buzzing flights among tall grass stems. Despite its name, four skipper species found in the British Isles are the same size or smaller than the Small Skipper. The male is distinguished from the female by the sex brand on its forewings, which is a slightly curved line of specialised scent scales.


Small Skipper Small Skipper Small Skipper

Speckled Bush-Cricket Nymph

I love Summer, mainly because the bugs are out in force. Found this little fella in the front garden. Speckled Bush Crickets are amazing – this is a young one, not fully grown.

Speckled Bush Cricket Nymph

The Spider Bee Consultation

Went out late last night to see where our cat was – he was in the garage, chilling. As I walked through the door I noticed this Spider doing what Spiders do best – weaving some web magic around what-looks-like a Bee.

The Spider Bee Consultation The Spider Bee Consultation




Molly! Post 10 mile walk.