What is this site?

This is my (photo)blog. I love taking photos and they need to go somewhere. It is updated fairly regularly and is usually vaguely chronological, unless I have a dry spell with the camera and the archives need raiding… I *may* occasionally post things other than photos.

About me…

I like taking photos of most things, but I tend to lean towards my cat and bugs
I am an Abolitionist Vegan.
I last ate meat on 9th Oct, 2011.
I late ate dairy on 29th Jan, 2012.
I used to be morbidly obese.

Why ‘Fakecactus’?

I once owned a real cactus. In high winds it got sucked out of my bedroom window and died. My Grandmother bought me a fake cactus to replace it. Bored one afternoon, and in need of a domain name, I gazed around my room. The rest is history.

This blog has been running since October 2006.