The koru (Māori for “bight” or “loop”) is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace. It is an integral symbol inMāori art, carving and tattoos. The circular shape of the koru helps to convey the idea of perpetual movement while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin.

Wellington Harbour

Wellington Harbour is an arm of Cook Strait, covering 70 km², with a two-km wide entrance at its southern end between Pencarrow Head and the Miramar Peninsula.

Mini Auckland

Continuing the New Zealand theme in preparation for the World Cup, here are a couple of mini Auckland shots taken from the Sky Tower.


With the Rugby World Cup about to start in New Zealand, I thought I ought to post a Māori. He performed a Haka. He scared me.

In The Blue

Technically this was a difficult shot to take as I was on my knees with camera above heading looking up towards the (blue) sky. But you don’t care about that – you just want the Spider, right?

Rolling Over

He likes to roll over whilst killing Da Bird.

Grandad and Cousin

My Grandad and Cousin. Gotta be around 1977/78 I reckon.

Red Desk and Dexter

My new red desk. Dexter Bobblehead completes the lushness.

Hoverfly on Tagetes

The common name in English, “marigold”, is derived from “Mary’s Gold”, a name once exclusively applied to Calendula. In Nepal it is called ‘शयपत्री’ which means hundred leafed flower, referring to its many florets per head. They look mighty fine with a Hoverfly perched on top.


Pre-moth slaughter. His hit rate is pretty good and seems to be getting better.