Raisin Spillage

When raisins spill the clean up crew gets sent in to sort it all out. When they are on a break, the police stand guard.


Water droplets on an Oxeye Daisy.

Wookiee Patrol

On their home planet of Kashyyk, Wookiees, such as Chewbacca, patrol the forests on the shells of giant snails. Possibly.

Tom B Eats…


Snail Obstruction

Figured it might be nice to start a photo project using model people. So I have. More a proof of concept, but still fun nonetheless.

Da Mouse

Stick the Mouse attachment on to Da Bird and you get one happy, mental, energetic cat.

Grey Cow

A grey cow in Saltwood, where they have the best cows in the world. Probably.

All Better

The Boy’s eye injury has healed up nicely, back to his former glory.

Star Trails

Messing about with an 18 minute exposure… star trails. The faint diagonal dotted line is a plane. I must go somewhere with less light pollution.

Cloudy Moon

The Moon. Cloudy. Far too cloudy for meteors 🙁