More Meadow Grasshopper

Grasshopper cuteness. The cat has eaten a few since I took this.


Begonia is a genus in the flowering plant family Begoniaceae and is a perennial. The only other members of the family Begoniaceae are Hillebrandia, a genus with a single species in the Hawaiian Islands, and the genus Symbegonia which more recently was included in Begonia. “Begonia” is the common name as well as the generic name for all members of the genus.

The genus name, coined by Charles Plumier, a French patron of botany, honours Michel B├ęgon, a former governor of the French colony of Haiti.


The Virgin Balloon passed right over the patio. I was a little bit scared, though clearly my fear didn’t stop me getting my camera.

Bee on Echinacea

Loving the Bumble Bee, those little faces are gorgeous. That’s a proper summer photo.

Leucanthemum vulgare

Leucanthemum vulgare, the oxeye daisy, (syn. Chrysanthemum leucanthemum), is a widespread flowering plant native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia. It is one of a number of Asteraceae family plants to be called a ‘daisy,’ and has the vernacular names common daisy, dog daisy, margarite, moon daisy, and ox-eye daisy.


Not sure of the species – probably a moth caterpillar, but there are hundreds… any help appreciated.

Mac OS X Lion

Who doesn’t love Lions? Exactly. Gorgeous cat beasts. Seems fitting as this is my first post running Mac OS X Lion.

Ladybird on Lavender

A Seven Spot Ladybird on Lavender. Pretty.

Four Legs Good

Four legs good, two legs bad. So true. I don’t like people most of the time. Everyone should read Animal Farm.


Gloomy, rain filled old day here, but I don’t have any rainy photos. So here here is a smashed window one.