Fuchsia – Mrs Popple

This is a bushy, upright shrub with showy flowers and a fast growth habit. It produces large, attractive, drooping red and dark purple flowers which appear repeatedly throughout the summer and well into the autumn. I will try my best not to kill it.

Black Slug – Arion ater agg.

Although commonly known as the ‘Black Slug’ the colour ranges from jet black, through chestnut and orange to pale grey and creamy white. The essential difference between slugs and snails is the shell – slugs do not have a shell, but do have a leathery mantle on their backs. The opening on the side is a nostril through which the slug breathes.


Paint. Peeling. Nice. Much like the back of my neck right about now.


I do like a Robin. A lot of people’s favourite I reckon…


For the last three evenings, after work I have gone straight to the garden with camera and Domino – long may the pleasant weather continue. I am loving the square format at the moment, so here are five from this evening. Gorgeous little bugger.