Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle, Kent. Kinda nice.

Meadow grasshopper – Chorthippus parallelus

Rather excited (perhaps a little too much) to find we have two species of grasshopper on the lawn. Here is one of them – the Meadow Grasshopper. Gorgeous!

In the Sun

The boy does like a sunbathe. He does not like sun tan lotion.

It’s All About the Ants

For the first time ever, I decided to try and photograph some Ants. I have always given up in the past as they are flighty little sods and extremely hard to capture on camera. Starting in the front garden, I lifted up a rock to find a colony of Yellow Meadow Ants (Lasius Flavus). Notice the dead something-or-other in the first shot – no doubt forming a nice food parcel for the young Ants. Further inspection demonstrated a nice clutch of eggs/larvae. Not a sight for the faint-hearted..

Slightly away from the nest I found a Black Garden Ant (and friend) having a rumble with the Yellow Ant. The Yellow Ant seems to get the upper hand after a gruelling battle which saw the Black Ant score some initial blows.

After a spot of lunch, I tried the back garden to see if there would be any more Any action, and sure enough, under a brick, I found a nice nest of Black Garden Ants (Lasius Niger)…

Now that is what you call a lot of young.

I think I might try and photograph Ants a lot more – most enjoyable.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Pops :-)