May 242011

Saw a bit of Bondi Vet on Sky 1 and the story was about a hit and run accident involving a cute little dog.  Decided to introduce Domino to the outside world in a controlled and secure manner. We have plans to extend it already, so hopefully the sun and fresh air will keep him happy for a while at least. So far he is loving just sitting out in the sun and batting the odd bug. Enrichment in the next step with a nice scratching log and a little table he can sit on or under in the shade. Long may it continue! These are shot through the cat flap :-)

May 232011

Helix aspersa, known by the common name garden snail, is a species of land snail, a pulmonate gastropod that is one of the best-known of all terrestrial molluscs.

May 232011

The people of Maidstone had the chance to show their support for the county town’s troops at this year’s Civic and Freedom Parade on Sunday, May 22nd.  Many of the sappers on parade will have seen action in Afghanistan. The parade marks the start of a new Mayor’s year and the troops exercised their right as Freemen of the Borough to march with bayonets fixed, colours flying and drums beating. They were led by the Brigade of Gurkhas Band.  In total 150 British Soldiers and Gurkhas took part, made up from 20 Field Squadron, 50 HQ and Support Squadron, 70 Gurkha Field Support Squadron, and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Workshop attached to 36 Engineer Regiment.

After the parade had passed the Town Hall, dignitaries, as well as Members of Maidstone Borough Council formed a procession and made their way from the Town Hall to All Saints Church; the Mayor lead the procession in a horse-drawn landau carriage.