Spotted Wolf Spider

These wolf spiders are often active very early in the spring. They can be seen scurrying around hunting for prey and warming themselves in the sunshine on patches of bare soil.  Unlike spiders who use a web to catch their food, these wolf spiders catch their prey by running it down.

Spotted Wolf Spider Spotted Wolf Spider Spotted Wolf Spider Spotted Wolf Spider

Bee Fly – Bombylius major

The best things happen when hanging out the washing… I saw (and photographed) my first Bee Fly. Bless that little furry beast.

The Natural History Museum has this to say:

The large bee-fly is a bee mimic - it resembles a small bumblebee.
The adult flies are striking and have a hairy body with long hairy legs and a characteristically long, slender tongue which they use for nectar retrieval whilst hovering beside a flower head. Bombylius major larvae parasitise beetle larvae as well as the brood of solitary wasps and bees – another reason for its name. The female has been seen to flick her eggs mid-air into the ground bees’ and wasps’ nests.

Gorgeous little creature enjoyed a nice little rest on the fence and gave me enough time to run in and grab my camera – most considerate!

Bee Fly Bee Fly

Spring At Last

Finally a nice sunny Sunday. The boy made the most of it…

Spring At Last

Spring At Last

Spring At Last Spring At Last Spring At Last Spring At Last Spring At Last

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Test

Not a scientific test at all, just a straight out of camera shot compared with a a little tweaked version to suit my tastes… First up is the unedited shot, fresh from the 8mp camera. Second is the tweaked version. This phone rocks.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera TestSamsung Galaxy S3 Camera Test



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