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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Dad. A bar in the living room. Genius.

Love him x

Folkestone Coastal 10k

With over 600 entries and plenty of spectators creating a great atmosphere, the Folkestone Coastal 10k seemed like something I should enter. I signed up at the start of the year with every intention of training hard for it, but then I had two months off with a rib and knee injury so that rather set me back. However, I gave it a go and that’s all that really matters. However, that said, I have done a lot of walking recently up a fair amount of hills, so this being a flat course, I knew I could finish it. I just wanted to be able to run the whole distance without collapsing.

The last time I actually ran 10k was back in September 2012 at the Resolution Run in Mote Park. I really wanted the weather to be slightly more pleasant than then. There was no rain, but jeez it was cold before the run started!

I admit it, I wasn’t really feeling in the mood to run. Photos by Dad.

Folkestone Coastal 10k

Just to prove how cold it was at the start… Mum wrapped up nice and warm. However, it was soon time to remove the trusty Carter USM top. I like to run/walk in Buff headbands now – they can be used in various styles, but I just went for a simple ‘wrap it round’ approach.

Folkestone Coastal 10k

Folkestone Coastal 10k

I started in my usual position – about a third of the way back. I have no delusions that I’m ever going to win a 10k. It’s about proving to myself that I can do it, but, of course, I don’t want to come last either!

Folkestone Coastal 10k

I tracked this run with my Garmin 10 – I basically don’t change pace too much and try and stick at something that is comfortable. If I had had any training this might be different, but I’m all self taught so I tend to just go with what I like. Anyway, I got overtaken by a lot of people in the first 2km, but I overtook a lot in the last half of the run, so a steady pace works well for me.

My left ankle started hurting at the 3k marker which wasn’t a good sign and I did contemplate quitting, but I carried on and it eased. At 7k I felt my right groin twinge, but, well, when you’ve gone that far you have to finish. By the second drinks point it was warm, very warm, and that cup of water just got poured all over my head – heaven!

Folkestone Coastal 10k

There were no medals on offer, perhaps this is always the case, but, instead, was a really cool trophy! I’m lovin’ that.

Folkestone Coastal 10k Folkestone Coastal 10k

Unfortunately, the on-site refreshments were not very vegan friendly, so I quickly tucked into a sarnie I had brought with me.

Folkestone Coastal 10k

My aim for this run was to go under the hour. I’ll update this with the chip time when I have it, but my Garmin reckons this: 58:22, so I’m chuffed to bits with that and thinking of signing up for next year as soon as I can.

Folkestone Coastal 10k




Mother, Mother-In-Law, Mother’s Mother. Mothers.

2012: A Year of Transformation

Take a big, fat, wheezing, dying man… Open his eyes to the world of compassion, make him Vegan, give him good food, throw in a lot of walking, add a dash of weight training and blend in some running… You end up with a much happier soul. 308lbs down to 168lbs… 100lbs done in 2012. 52inch jeans down to 32/34inch now… Nice!

Happy New Year plant munchers x

Time for some photos of the before, the after and some big trousers!

2012: A Year of Transformation2012: A Year of Transformation

As the Spice Girls used to say… Two Become One. Nothing like getting in a pair of jeans with the wife… one in each leg!

2012: A Year of Transformation

Boxing Day Run 2012

Now in its 37th year, the Boxing Day Run in Saltwood attracts over 600 mad people that think running around a three mile hilly bog is a good plan the day after Xmas. Some do it for charity, some do it for a giggle, some do it because they have a point to prove to themselves. This year, after watching this run many times, I decided to do it. On Boxing Day 2011, I stood watching the madness as usual, dreaming that I could shift enough weight to give it a go. Well, after dropping seven stone this year it was definitely worth a shot. I was accompanied on this by some friends from work…

Three weeks of heavy rain made this the wettest and muddiest year for a long time and, having never run on anything other than a treadmill or road, I had no idea what to expect. Mud. Lots of mud. Some poo. Lots of poo actually. And water. A river at one point where there used to be a path.

Despite the conditions, this was the most enjoyable run I have done. The atmosphere was great all the way around the course. The decent run-time I hoped for went right out of the window as I had no tactics whatsoever and failed to realise there would be bottlenecks at every gate and stile. Note to self: next year, go off quick and avoid the herd. However, 37:17 with about 8 minutes of stopping in a mud-bath aint too bad for my first attempt at off-road running.

That aside, this was a personal battle for me – to be able to get myself into a decent enough state to do this run and not actually feel tired at the end is very satisfying. To do this as a Vegan makes it even more pleasing. My Dad said he felt very emotional as I ran past towards the finish line, so you can’t ask for more than that… This marked the end of a great year’s transformation in both my body and soul.

Lucky No: 504

Boxing Day Run 2012

A few weeks ago, I joined a running club… This was my first opportunity to wear the Vegan Runners vest! They are Vegan and they run. Perfect.

Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012

Even dogs can’t resist watching…

Boxing Day Run 2012

Me, Stano, Sebmeister and Cat – a mixture of nervous tension and the desire to go back to bed.

Boxing Day Run 2012

Boxing Day Run 2012

Countdown began…

Boxing Day Run 2012

And we were off…

Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012

Dad, waiting expectantly at the finish…

Boxing Day Run 2012

 Almost there…

Boxing Day Run 2012

Far less muddy than expected, mainly due to the torrents of water that helped clean me on the way around.

Boxing Day Run 2012

Cat and Sebmeister approaching the finish, after (at least) 3 falls, a shoe-retrieval and a toilet break.

Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012

Medal time!

Boxing Day Run 2012

Four very proud people… and no broken legs!

Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012 20121226-DSC_2765Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012 Boxing Day Run 2012

Time to go shower and eat.

Boxing Day Run 2012

Ok, I may have been a bit muddier than previously mentioned.

Boxing Day Run 2012

More stuff for the running scrapbook.

Boxing Day Run 2012

Looking forward to next year already!

(Photos by my Dad, Wife and Me)

Xmas Day 2012

For the first time in 45 years, Mum didn’t cook a Xmas dinner on the 25th. Instead, the parents came to ours and ate Vegan. Here is a snapshot of the day… It has all the necessary stuff… family, presents, food and a cat.

So this is Christmas | And what have you done? | Another year over | And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas | I hope you have fun | The near and the dear one | The old and the young

The ‘under tree’ collection this year features a Bride, Groom and Cat.

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

Not to be left out, the boy had a play, then slept most of the day.

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

Vegan Roast – the best kind.

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

Present opening on the new sofa.

Xmas Day 2012

Snoozy time in the new arm chairs.

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

Sneaky bit of The Polar Express…

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

A science theme to my book presents this year..

Xmas Day 2012

Amazingly cool cufflinks!

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

The bag says it all…

Xmas Day 2012

And so does the shirt…

Xmas Day 2012

The Big Bang Theory made an appearance too…

Xmas Day 2012

And a funky new wallet from Dynomighty…

Xmas Day 2012 Xmas Day 2012

Merry Xmas!

Vegan Party!

One week after the wedding we held a party to further the celebrations… It was the perfect excuse for Nic to wear her dress again and for me to get suited and booted… Not forgetting of course, another chance to wear a carrot. It was a cracking night and we were so pleased with the turnout! A MASSIVE thanks for all the donations to our wishing well – thank you cards are in progress – we humbly apologise for the delay…

We had loads of positive feedback (also about the all-Vegan buffet provided by The Hutch – big thanks to Nick and Andrew for the amazing food!), so we reckon most people had a good time and you can’t ask for more than that. The cookies went down well – big thanks to Beanos for those and the cake… We ate almost all of that between the two of us. Naughty, but ever so nice. Anyway, here is a snapshot of the festivities.

[nggallery id=7]


The Children’s Photo Challenge!

One of the ways we thought it might be cool to keep the children amused was to hold a photo treasure hunt. Here are the participants’ efforts in alphabetical order. The list of photographs to capture was as follows:


Despite the dodgy performance of the flash on the disposable cameras, there were some funky photos produced!
The winner would be the photographer that successfully captured the most photos on the list above and is announced at the bottom of this post…

Photos by Ben

[nggallery id=8]


Photos by Cam

[nggallery id=9]


Photos by J

[nggallery id=10]


Photos (mainly) by Lorelei

[nggallery id=11]


Photos by Seb

[nggallery id=12]


Photos by Tom

[nggallery id=13]


Photos by Ved & Ananya

[nggallery id=14]

And the winner is…

We have a tie!

Successfully capturing 11 out of the 12 photos are Ben and Seb!

Congratulations to you both – a prize each is heading your way soon.

Vegan Wedding

On 10/11/12 we got married! A small, intimate ceremony in Canterbury was followed by lunch at The Hutch for an all-Vegan meal… then back home to chill for a while before shopping for bread and Vitalite. It was a great day and my wife looked amazing. And yes, that is a real carrot.

[nggallery id=6]

Photos (mostly) by Rich @ The Other Day.

Vegan Shirts

Funky new Vegan shirts courtesy of my Best Man… schweet!

Big Fun Run Maidstone 5k

When I saw there was a 5k Big Fun Run in Mote Park, I couldn’t resist. Following broadly the same course as the 10k I did a few weeks back (with the last 1.5kms going around the other side of the lake) I knew what to expect at least… and it was only one lap – easy! The weather looked ominous all morning, with rain and gloom expected to be the pattern for the day, so I wasn’t expecting a very good turnout. How wrong I was! There must have been well over a hundred runners. Photos taken by the Missus. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new skull cap running hat. Yes, it’s bright… but it kept the cold out.

Excuse the finger, I was so cold and miserable before the start. Carter USM hoodie did a fairly good job though – I love being able to get in this now as I bought it three years ago and I couldn’t get it over my chest then.

My shoe fetish is well documented and it appears it extends to trainers – one of the ladies was sporting this attractive pair of Nikes…

…which rather put mine to shame, especially with the hole over the left big toe. I went for the trusty Nike Air Pegasus 28+ Trail shoes for this run. I wasn’t happy with the Nike Air Alvord 9s I wore for the 10k. Not as comfy at all.

As is customary at these events there was a very good warm-up session.

Today I decided to participate as it was so cold, though I didn’t actually follow the moves as you can see here – totally doing my own thing. I say my own thing, I was sorta copying the guy next to me who I had concluded was a runner. As it happens I beat him by four minutes so it shows I know nothing about runners and I ought not to judge a book by its cover.

Finally it was time to remove the hoodie and reveal my shirt choice – the trusty Nike DryFit Unfair.

Some cute doggies.

And then we were off. Pretty easy to spot me in that hat.

The medals and goodie bags.

More cute dog action.

First place – a good time, just under twenty minutes.

I came in at 28:15 and I am pleased with that on a wet, slippery course. I really need to find a flat 5k and try to improve my PB a bit. Though, that said, I probably need to remember I have only really been running (rather than walking) for about four months. Fortunately the gloom started to brighten by the 3kms mark, so I finished the run in glorious sunshine.

Another medal for the collection! That’s three so far. I don’t have any other organised runs planned until late December and the infamous Boxing Day Run in Saltwood, but I will keep my eyes open if there are any more close by.